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chairman3My name is Larry Laurence, my wife Kathryn and I accomplished something we’re incredibly proud of – through our brokerage, ITECH Corporation, we started a Term life insurance rate war that has saved tens of thousands of Term Life policy buyers uncounted millions of dollars. The historically low prices we triggered are still available.

We never dreamed we would start such a price revolution in our industry!

When we founded ITECH Corporation in 1991, if you told us we were about to change how insurance companies price Term Life policies, we might have thought you crazy. But that’s what happened. The simple act of comparing Term Life rates for our customers made prices drop — especially for long-term policies – to levels never seen before.

Despite our conservative marketing, we now have many highly qualified employees, and I don’t mean street hires or price-quoting clerks. Our experts keep track of the Life Insurance products and prices of of more than 60 of the top-rated companies in the U.S.. They find the best values and then match up those with our customers’ needs.  

They won’t touch any company rated below “A (excellent)” by A.M. Best Company.

Though the implementation of various laws and and regulations have caused rates to stop falling, you can still get TERRIFIC deals.  Call 1-800-400-4832 or click here for a free quote, to see how much you can still save!